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Serving out of your passion and talent is a call for everybody! How would you like to make the world and our church a better place with your giftedness?

At Our Lady of the Southern Cross our goal is to have as many people as possible to serve and be involved in ministry. St Paul, in his Letter to the Corinthians, reminds us that we are the Body of Christ. As members of this Body, we are invited to be His hands, feet and eyes in the world. It is our call and mission to serve God and one another.

These are our ministry areas where you can share your strengths and talents with our parish community. Please prayerfully discern in which area God is calling you to serve in our community.

childrens min
Children's Ministry

Do you have a heart for the next generation? Do you love to teach kids?

Join our Children's Ministry team


Are you good at loving people and making them feel at home? Join us in creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere by greeting and serving others. Maybe you can make a great cup of Barista Coffee?


We have teams of people who intercede/pray for all of us and our parish. If you feel called to pray for others, get in touch.


Do you have a passion for gardening and/or upkeep? We love to keep our church and surrounds beautiful and tidy. Join our active and skilled team.

Serving at Mass

Would you like to serve in the liturgy? It takes many people to celebrate a Mass.


Do you have a talent for singing or playing an instrument? Uplifting, quality music is central to great worship. We would love to hear from you!


Do you have a desire to serve our wider community, or those in need? We have opportunities to serve.

Tech Team
Tech Team

Do you have tech know-how, or want to learn? From projecting slides to operating cameras and audio equipment. Join our tech team to help stream Mass to our online parishioners.

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